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Thursday, February 18, 2010

5 Guys Burgers Denver

5 Guy's Burgers  Denver review,

Drew was right. Sounds odd but I'm actually not a big burger guy. Remember I grew up in the OC so In N Out was what I was raised think a burger should taste like. 5 Guys didn't let me down. They fit what I think of when I think of a burger place. Small menu and top quality in everything they do. The fries where perfect. I got the Cajun Fries. The service was fast, but most of all the burger was awesome. Very fresh bun good cheese and fresh produce. The best way to measure how much I liked a burger is by how much I finish. If the burger is just ok I will always leave some on the plate. If it's just good I will for some reason always leave one bite. If it was awesome then every bit of the burger will be gone. I finished every bite of this burger with little effort and truly enjoyed it
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  1. Hey guys...just spoke to the owner of 5 Guys and she is expanding across Denver. I would be happy to connect you...I am sure that she would love to see this post, she certainly feels that 5 Guys can go up against In-and-Out any day!

  2. Heck yes Erin, We would love that. I'm kind of an In-N-Out expert. - Shanon