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Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is the food I love

Jerk Red Snapper grilled on a banana leaf

Tilapia Ceviche W/Mescal
Cactus Pear Margarita

This is the food I love to eat and this is the food I love to make. Not one of these dishes came from a recipe. This is what happens when I spend an hour or so walking through an Asian market. I had never even tasted a Cactus Pear before in my life so I had to buy a couple. The color was amazing so I thought it would look really cool in a drink. It tasted really good too. I just added some Agave Nectar and some lime juice and came up with a pretty damn good drink. The Snapper frickin' rocked if I do say so myself. Those who know me know I rarely love my own cooking but this was a home run of a dish. Easy as hell too. The banana leaf was just to keep it from sticking but it did look cool. One of my little touches I like to add to my Ceviche is Mescal, just a very small dash adds a slight smokiness. Orange juice adds a nice sweetness as well. I'm hoping that scientist will announce that the Cactus pear is a miracle fruit and it gives men staying power as well as antioxidants that will cure cancer and male pattern baldness but if not it still tastes good. I was feeling rather ambitious on this day so I also made a Hibiscus Margarita too. Hibiscus makes for a killer marg. It's super easy. I just boiled the Hibiscus in simple syrup and strained it . Then add some lime juice and Tequilla. My favorite mixing tequila is Cazadores Blanco and my favorite sipping tequila is Chamucos (Spanish for Boogie Man) See when I get talking about tequila you can't stop me, I love the stuff. Next time you feel like grilling some fish don't be afraid to do a whole fish. The snapper is perfect for this but make sure you cut off that "FU#*)N'" Dorsal fin (that's the big one that runs down the back bone of the fish) I can't even begin to count how many times I've been stuck by those things and they hurt like a MO' FO' FO' SHO'. Man I love summer! Thanks for reading - remember to "flip it, slap it, and rub it down" then grill it - Shannon


  1. Great post. Did you go to Hmart? I've got a supply of banana leaves in the freezer. Love to wrap things up and steamy grill them. I've never cooked up a whole fish.

  2. Yes I was talking about H-Mart. I love that place