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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Last Sunday. It was a good day.

I cooked dinner from my good friend Joey and his wife last Sunday. I let them pick the meal out of some choices I sent them and they picked Rick Bayless' Beef Short Ribs with Tomatoes, Roasted Poblanos and Herbs and my Wild Mushroom Risotto. I threw in some sauteed sugar snap peas and we were good to go! Thanks to my wife for making a delicious New York Cheesecake.

My Big Green Egg was the perfect oven, as usual, maintaining 325 for a couple hours while the Ribs simmered away.

It was the perfect day...mid 60s, sunny, beer flowing, music blasting, kids dancing, me cooking. One of those perfect storms of goodness!

I think the kids were happy rockin' out to the music. What do you think?!
Lord have mercy! Base jumping, here he comes.

Gabriel channeling his inner Eddie Van Halen

Wild Mushroom Risotto (early on)

Wild Mushroom Risotto (gettin' happy!)

Beef Short Ribs

Browning the Beef Short Ribs

Ready to go into the Egg

The finished product! Man, it was gooooooooooood.


  1. Well run with scisors and play with matches F*ck a duck and see what hatches, Not sure what that has to do with your post but damn that looks good.

  2. Ok, the photo of the upside down kid has me LOL'ing. I've made that Rick Bayless short rib recipe for a dinner party and it's a wonderful dish! Looks like a great day!