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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Papa's BBQ - OH BABY!!! We found the spot for BBQ in Colorado.

I'm not sure how a BBQ place could possibly be any better. The people are awesome and the food is insane, or are the people insane and the food is awesome? Either way it's my kind of place. The Bison ribs where my favorite, yes bison. Total Colorado BBQ, The Brisket? tender with a killer smoke ring. The Pulled Pork rocked, very tender and great smoke flavor. The ribs might be the best I have ever had. Beef, Bison and Baby Backs oh and the St louis style ribs kicked ass as well. The sides we had where amazing too. Great mac and cheese. Seriously just close your eyes and point to the menu and there is a very good chance that it will be the best you have ever had. I say get into Big Papa's before the word really gets out and you can't get a table. I think they have two locations so there should be one pretty close to you, if not it's worth the drive from anywhere in the state. Dear God, I almost forgot about the Brownie Sundae. Another Grub Chub kind of place. -- Shannon
What a spread!

Did someone say smoke?!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Denver Food Tour - Last Stop

Ok, before you start reading, I realize that these are in reverse order and Blogger doesn't let you reorder posts. Sooooo, if you want to read them in order, scroll down to "Stop #1" below and start there. (sorry for the hassle!)

Our last stop on Chelly's tour was Little Raven Vineyards, located in the Riverfront complex. Peter Klann has done a great job with this store, focusing on undiscovered wines instead of all the usual "stuff". Our group was able to taste a couple different wines and he taught us how to properly do a tasting. Tanette and I thought we knew how to do one, but he instructed us to put our nose in the glass and then slowly move the glass towards the tip of the nose. The difference in smells between the "inside" and "outside" of the wine was incredible! Thanks for the lesson, Peter.

And a special thanks to Chelly for putting together a great tour! If you're interested in taking a food tour around Denver, contact Chelly at 303-775-5038 or

Denver Food Tour - Stop #4

In the past, you've heard me talk about Penzey's spices, but I have been scolded for not going to the LOCAL shop, Savory Spice Shop. Well, Chelly took us there for our (mine and Tanette's) first visit and now we are definitely converted. I love that they not only grind everything in town, but that you don't have to buy large quantities. They will sell you what you need in just about any quantity. The employees are very passionate about their spices, so if you haven't been there yet, just go already!

Denver Food Tour - Stop #3

I think Chelly was just warming us up, because this was probably our favorite stop of the tour. Mick and Carolyn Major run EVOO Marketplace. They are located on the corner of 15th and Market in a beautiful space. One wall is all brick and two of the other walls are glass and brick. It creates a wonderful atmosphere to try their dozens of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. We had no idea there were so many flavors of each and if you ask, Carolyn will give you a some great combinations to try.

We also learned the difference between "fused" oils and "infused" oils. Infused oils refer to an ingredient that's been added (think rosemary or lemon) to the oil after it's been pressed. These are nice, but have a very short shelf life. Fused oils, on the other hand, are olive oils that have the additional ingredients added at the same time the olive oils are being pressed. They create a much more flavorful oil and have a much longer shelf life.


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Denver Food Tour - Stop #2

On our next stop, Chelly brought us to Crepes n Crepes, thankfully, because I was starving! Tanette and I had never been to a crepe joint before, so we weren't sure what to expect. It was cool! Those guys make hundreds of crepes everyday and everything we tried was delicious. I know I keep saying that, but that's because it was true! They are also the only place in town with a 100% French wine list. Between the employees there, they can speak at least 15 (!!) different languages. Love that. We definitely felt like we were in another world.

He makes this look really easy. I'm sure it's not.

Building the crepes

Ham and Swiss with a Roasted Pepper Tapenade

Dessert! Bananas and Nutella. OH BABY!!!

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Gourmet Food Tour - Stop #1

My wife bought me a gourmet food tour last year and we finally went last weekend. We had a wonderful day and Chelly at Denver Gourmet Tours was great. She offers several different types of tours, including street food (can't wait to do that one!) and chocolate (um, that one too!).  Thankfully, the snow held off until the day after the tour.

Stop #1: Amore Gelato -- Located on the 16th St Mall and 100% locally owned and operated, Amore Gelato makes premium gelato and sorbetto. We were able to go behind the counter and try as many flavors as we wanted. I tried at least a dozen and they were ALL delicious. Seriously, every flavor was great! And, did you know that gelato is much healthier for you than ice cream? Eat up!


Sorbetto (Vegan gelato...but don't let that fool you, it's delicious!!)

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crumbs, Nibbles and Stuff

Well, neither Shannon or I have posted anything since Thanksgiving. Time to get off our butts and get to typin'! Here are some memorable treats I (and my wife) have made since turkey day.

I was going to be in the kitchen a bunch on Christmas Eve day,
so I thought I'd start with a yummy breakfast...
Italian bread drizzled with olive oil...

...covered with over easy eggs...

...and pork green chili from Jack N Grill

And on to the soups I made for Christmas Day from my favorite soup

Porcini (and other) Mushroom Soup, which I pureed, but should have left a little chunky

Somehow I didn't take a picture of the Corn Chowder with Bacon. That was even better!!!

My very talented wife made a super simple, and unbelievably delicious dessert...

Brownies with cream cheese frosting and crushed candy canes. YUM!

And a Vegetable and Rice soup I made on the 30th...
Remember, always keep rice/pasta/bacon separate from soup and serve those in individual bowls. Otherwise
they will be soft and mushy and that's NOT what we want!

On New Year's Day, my wife and I were in the mood for a yummy breakfast again...

Italian bread, eggs, tomato and basil (the wife)

Italian bread, chorizo, eggs, basil (me)

Hope you enjoyed the post!!