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Friday, March 25, 2011

Breakfast for dinner

Breakfast for dinner? Oh yeah. Sourdough, ham, cheese and egg. And yes, that's a Lightning McQueen plate, thank you very much.

Snooze for breakfast.

I am now a big fan of Snooze. I had the Sweet Potato Pancakes and a side of bacon with coffee. Sounds pretty standard right? WRONG!!!  So not standard. The butter on top had the slightest hint on rosemary which was the perfect match for the pancakes. the bacon was really smokey, almost like I smoked it myself. The service was top notch and the atmosphere was great as well. I cant wait to take my wife to this place I think she'll dig it. Next time I have got to try the corned beef hash and eggs.Let's go right now, seriously it's that good. Just an awesome way to start your day - Shannon
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Better Weather for Grilling on the Big Green Egg

My little trick for ribs is to dry rub them then put them in a long Food Saver bag, vacuum out the air so it pulls all the seasonings into the meat. Then put it back in the fridge for about eight hours.

I prefer a water bath under the ribs to make them extra moist. Try throwing orange peels in the water to add a little flavor.

This chicken kicked ass, I brined it for about 8 hours. I used a pretty standard brine recipe but added 5 spice and I used honey instead of sugar. Then before throwing it on the grill I violated it with a tangerine and and a half an onion. May have been the best I have ever made.

Not that bad weather has ever stopped me from grilling but this weekend was beautiful. This is my Happy Place, grilling up some awesome food, smoking a couple great cigars and having some cocktails. Cocktail of choice this weekend was the good ol' Old Fashioned - Just Bourbon, some very secret bitters I ordered online, Rock Candy Syrup with a cherry and orange zest that I squeezed and burnt the oils with a lighter as I dropped it into the glass. They go down way to easy. Can't wait for next weekend. Grillin' and Grubbin" - Shannon