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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Smokin' 4th of July

I found some beef ribs and some pork spare ribs which was pretty cool because all we can ever get here in Colorado is boring ol' baby backs. Don't get me wrong I do love baby backs but it's nice to change it up. The pork ribs were rubbed with a home made rub that was heavy on Chinese 5 spice and dry mustard. They turned out awesome. The beef were I little more simple with sea salt and cracked pepper. Both were served sauced and by the time they were done so was I. I decided to smoke the beans with the meat that's them on the top rack. All in all it was a perfect BBQ session if I do say so myself.


  1. Awesome! Let us know if you ever want spareribs, st louis ribs or beef ribs - not a problem (unfortunately we don't keep them in the case because they just don't sell anymore - can't understand why!). We cut the slab spareribs into St Louis and Riblets (finger sized pieces from the brisket bones) at TR's BBQ Catering - so we can usually have them to a market in a day or so. Cheers and keep on smoking'!

    1. very Nice to know. I always forget that Tony's can get me just about anything.