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Monday, November 8, 2010

India's Castle

There's just something about Indian food. The aroma when you walk in the door. The blend of spices and sauces that is unlike any other cuisine.

Shannon and I went to India's Castle off of Arapahoe and I25 for lunch last week. Neither one of us love buffets, but decided to do it anyway. I've been eating smaller portions lately, but this day I had 2 BIG plates because everything was soooo good. The rice was cooked perfectly (harder than it seems), the sauces were delicious, the Naan was fluffy and tender, but the kicker for me was the Tandoori chicken. The meat was so tender and the flavor knocked me out! I went to Penzey's this weekend and picked up some Tandoori seasoning so I can make some Indian chicken wings sometime in the future (with Shannon's guidance).

The atmosphere is fine and the Indian music was interesting. I loved it when they played some Eminem after their more traditional choices. Not sure what that was about?! But all the waitstaff is great and I would definitely recommend it.

They also take part in the Tap Project. By donating $1 or more for the tap water you get for free, you are contributing to UNICEF's project to bring clean drinking water to children all over the world.

I can't wait to go back there and order something special off the menu. -- Drew

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  1. Indian food is truly amazing, an explosion of flavors. Thanks for this recommendation, didn't know the restaurant existed. I've been in Penzy's once, but prefer to support our local owners and frequent Savory Spice. Both are great stores however.

  2. I also love tandoori chicken, there is a recipe I put together on the blog I maintain... that is very good if you want to check it out.

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to say thank you for the kind review. I do their marketing. My family and I are big fans of Indian food and especially India's Castle. When we moved here two years ago and opened our Search Engine Optimization Marketing Company, they were our first restaurant customer.

    Chris Arnell

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    1. I have never written a review for any restaurants bu t have to write this one so that no one goes through the horrible experience I went through.

      I went for lunch with my two friends to this Indian restaurant which is not even close to serving authentic Indian cuisine. We went for the lunch buffet. the restaurant looks unhygienic and whole serving station in untidy as well.If you like unhygienic conditions and just want to try sub standard Indian cuisine go for this restaurant. The rice and chicken was half cooked. I complained about this to the waiter and he snapped back at me saying that's what we have in rude manner. I was not expecting this response from the waiter. but this was just the beginning.

      The waiter never cleared up soiled plate it piled up and there was literally no space to eat. I was irritated with his earlier rude behavior and the kind of service he was providing. At that point of time it was clear to me that I am not coming to this restaurant ever.We wanted to get out as soon as possible. We asked for check. And to our amazement the check had $6 already added as gratuity(remember this was buffet and on top of it the rude behavior)written with pen. Presuming that we wont pay that manager(tall guy with beard and cap) already added the gratuity. We were really pissed off by this. I asked the manager " Please don't add gratuity upfront on the checks , If we are happy with your service only then we will pay you, that's my prerogative as a customer"

      To our amazement this douche was even more rude than his waiter and started saying insulting stuff to us and asked us if we cant pay tip we should not come to the restaurant with all the other customers present we felt insulted but did not raise our voice just because we never wanted to create a scene.I was really feeling enraged with the insults and abuses . I told this douche that I am not paying any tip.He tossed a dime at us insulting us.We thought of calling police for this kind of rude behavior but we did not wanted to go through the pain of the process. And we came out leaving this douche hurling abuses at us.

      This kind of behavior I have never experienced in any restaurant in any part of the world.

      If you want to pay to get abuses and insults with some unhygienic Indian substandard food this place is for you.