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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Strananhan's Whiskey - that's spelled with an H

Stranahan's Colorado whiskey is my drink of the moment. It makes most other Whiskey pale in comparison. It has become more widely available over the last year so no matter where you are I say go get a bottle. I like it on the rocks with a splash of water. It really seems to open up the flavors and trust me with this one you want to really get all up in there and taste the complexities. I also like this whiskey with a good cigar, the truth is I like any whiskey with a good cigar but this one is something special. I know they say you can taste vanilla and leather but this aint no bondage/candle party so I’m not sure about all that mumbo jumbo it’s just fricken good and I like it a lot. Don’t get me wrong I do drink responsibly but when something tastes this good it’s hard to stop before you’re Tea Baggin’ the Koi pond. Cheers - Shannon


  1. You have a Snowflake pictured, the regular Stranahan's has a yellow label, only the snowflakes get the silver label. The Snowflake series is a additional maturation program. Stranahan's ages the whiskey no less than 2 years in new American white oak and then transfers into a spent wine cask for a second maturation. The second barrel adds complexity and tannins, along with hints of what ever wine lived in the barrel before the whiskey. That's a rare bottle.

  2. It was actually the Snowflake Port Cask that I was drinking at that time. Sorry, I should have metioned that in the post. It was unbelievable. Now the bottle is empty, so sad. Even my regular bottle is now empty. Time to reload.