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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Brew - take one

  The very helpful and friendly team at Beer at Home on Broadway in Englewood Colorado are helping me with my first attempt at home brewing. We are going for a Pale Ale. This is something I am totally out of my element with. These guys make it sound pretty easy so keep your fingers crossed. My good buddy Kelly O'Conner will also be helping me with this undertaking. My wife is to be thanked in advance because I have a funny feeling their is going to be a pretty serious mess involved at some point as well as some filth mouth ringing from the kitchen if everything isn't just perfect. Thanks "Hun"

  Tomorrow I will be picking up the concoction that Steve and Ben dream up. I'm totally placing the recipe part of this in their hands. These guys seem to really know their stuff. If it taste like crap it will be my fault for sure. If you ever get a chance you have got to stop by and talk to these guys. I love the fact that they have such a passion for this stuff. Everyone I have met there is the type of person you could rap with for hours about beer. I have that kind of passion for cooking and making people laugh so this beer thing is the perfect tie-in. I can totally see myself really getting into home brewing. - Shannon - Grubs and Suds

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