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Monday, January 17, 2011

Denver Food Tour - Last Stop

Ok, before you start reading, I realize that these are in reverse order and Blogger doesn't let you reorder posts. Sooooo, if you want to read them in order, scroll down to "Stop #1" below and start there. (sorry for the hassle!)

Our last stop on Chelly's tour was Little Raven Vineyards, located in the Riverfront complex. Peter Klann has done a great job with this store, focusing on undiscovered wines instead of all the usual "stuff". Our group was able to taste a couple different wines and he taught us how to properly do a tasting. Tanette and I thought we knew how to do one, but he instructed us to put our nose in the glass and then slowly move the glass towards the tip of the nose. The difference in smells between the "inside" and "outside" of the wine was incredible! Thanks for the lesson, Peter.

And a special thanks to Chelly for putting together a great tour! If you're interested in taking a food tour around Denver, contact Chelly at 303-775-5038 or

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