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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crumbs, Nibbles and Stuff

Well, neither Shannon or I have posted anything since Thanksgiving. Time to get off our butts and get to typin'! Here are some memorable treats I (and my wife) have made since turkey day.

I was going to be in the kitchen a bunch on Christmas Eve day,
so I thought I'd start with a yummy breakfast...
Italian bread drizzled with olive oil...

...covered with over easy eggs...

...and pork green chili from Jack N Grill

And on to the soups I made for Christmas Day from my favorite soup

Porcini (and other) Mushroom Soup, which I pureed, but should have left a little chunky

Somehow I didn't take a picture of the Corn Chowder with Bacon. That was even better!!!

My very talented wife made a super simple, and unbelievably delicious dessert...

Brownies with cream cheese frosting and crushed candy canes. YUM!

And a Vegetable and Rice soup I made on the 30th...
Remember, always keep rice/pasta/bacon separate from soup and serve those in individual bowls. Otherwise
they will be soft and mushy and that's NOT what we want!

On New Year's Day, my wife and I were in the mood for a yummy breakfast again...

Italian bread, eggs, tomato and basil (the wife)

Italian bread, chorizo, eggs, basil (me)

Hope you enjoyed the post!!


  1. Looks divine, enjoying your blog from Denver too. :)

  2. I'm loving all of those egg dishes. I finally went to Jack n Grill. Had the bbq tacos. Delicious. Must try the green chili.