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Monday, March 1, 2010

Iwayama Sushi - updated

I completely forgot to mention the homemade sweet soy that Lee serves. Really good! And love that he makes it himself instead of getting it delivered from Sysco or whatever. Grub on!

Sushi, burgers and burritos. Ok, that doesn't exactly sound like a traditional combination, but it works! My sister recently took me to Iwayama Sushi and Da Big Kahuna Bistro (thanks Maren!!). Iwayama is the creation of Lee, an experienced chef and restauranteur from Hawaii. Among other things, he is the former Director of Operations for Hapa Sushi (see nachos below). His restaurant sits in a rather non-descript strip mall off of Bowles and Simms in Jefferson County, but once inside, you feel welcomed into the casual atmosphere. Although I've only had the sushi so far, which was as good as any other sushi joint in town, he insists that his Da Big Kahuna Burger is the best thing on the menu. That gives me something different to try the next time I'm on the west side of town. Big Grubs Up to Lee! -- Drew
 Hamachi and Salmon Nigiri
 Fried Oyster Po' Boy Roll (My sister's favorite!)
The "original" Spicy Tuna Nachos

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  1. Iwayama rocks! I normally am a Japanese sushi purist - but I love the Hawaiian twist he puts on his 'grinds' - and the folks are so darn friendly in there!