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Monday, January 25, 2010

The bird is the word!!!

Contributed by Debbie Borgerding (thanks Deb!!)

I love quaint neighborhood businesses that have survived the “Big Guys”, you get treated like family and they love to share everything they know about their craft! Ok….so let’s talk about the “Bird”….Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Dove, Pheasant and the likes….nobody does it better than Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meats!

I have been frequenting this cool market for years and years. On a trip to the countryside of Loire Valley a few years ago…I lived my dream…we rented a French Farmhouse in a village, I got to shop the local markets everyday, come home to cook, drink wine and eat fabulous meals in our beautiful courtyard. The chicken was the REAL thing there. Fresh chicken, vineyard white wine, wild mushrooms, fresh cream and fresh herbs…need I say more? Didn’t taste even remotely close to our bland bird here, except for the poultry at Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meats… darn close there!

Truly folks, try this little piece of heaven…in addition to Poultry, they have a great selection of meats, farm fresh eggs, homemade pies, seasoning mixes, fresh milk and much, much more. Order your Thanksgiving Turkey there…you will have to wait in line but worth every second! With all due respect….forget about the Whole Foods and Tony’s experience and check out the quality, price and then look at the smiles across the table! They also have their own Meat Processing Plant for Wild Game. (Close to the Highlands) Grub on!

Wheat Ridge Poultry and Meat
5650 W 29th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO 80214

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