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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hapa Sushi

We went to Hapa Sushi for lunch Saturday. These are some pics of what they call The Multiple Orgasm Roll and with good reason so we ordered two. The other platter contains some Uni (my favorite food in the world) and a couple of other rolls. One of them was a Fresh Water Eel roll called a Cheeto Roll and the other was just a California Roll covered in Flying Fish roe. The food was very good and as always the service was top notch. Hapa Sushi is a good Sushi bar, I know a thing or two about sushi and this place it good. Have I had better? Sure. but that is coming from a guy who would live off Uni and Monk Fish liver if I could. I like the stuff the most wont try but if they did they would love it. By the way Hapa has both Uni and Monk Fish Liver so give it a try next time. Grub-a- Dub Dub - Shannon

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  1. If this Hapa girl ever finds herself in the Denver area, I will be sure to check this place out!