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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Drew's Top 5 Treats of 2009

Shannon's Birthday Cake (yes, the one on the left is a cake!)

My Birthday Cakes

Baby Shower

Zombie Barbie

My wife is awesome. Check out her site...


  1. The fabulous thing about Tanette's Tasty Treats is that they taste as good as they look - not your standard "does this cake even have a flavor?" fare. In the case of Zombie Barbie, I'm guessing it tastes much better than it looks. ;-)

  2. That Patron cake made my birthday way more awesomer - Shannon

  3. Great cakes, send me a slice! I cannot believe the tequila bottle on the left was really a I did notice a cigar in front of it, what was that made of?
    The Zombie Barbie cake is hilarious.

  4. The cigar was made out of fondant. Glad you like them! She's talented.