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Monday, February 8, 2010


I thought the title is good for these kinds of posts...

**Made basil oil for my father-in-law:
1. In a blender, add lots of fresh basil and puree with good olive oil and a bit of salt (remember, use Kosher or Sea Salt).
2. Let it sit for awhile so the flavors can really blend. Optional.
3. In batches, pour mixture through a sieve into a bowl, pressing the mixture with a spatula to get all the liquid out.
4. Using a funnel, transfer oil to a glass olive oil bottle.
5. Great on chicken, caprese salad, bread, or just by itself!

**Made Rick Bayless' Chorizo Queso again yesterday. It's supposed to go with corn tortillas, but I usually just serve it with good corn tortilla chips. Everyone gobbled it up!

**Made boneless buffalo chicken the other night. Wasn't happy with the goopy flour mixture, but they turned out great! Loved the flavor of them without the extra dose of hot sauce at the end. It kinda ruined the overall flavor, but adding the hot sauce into the flour mixture was an awesome idea. I use recipes from these guys all the time. I like their explanations of why things work or don't work.

**Oh, and me and Shannon are getting Big Green Eggs soon. Can't wait!!!

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